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This video was filmed in the village of Pobeda. We have a rehearsal place there and we decided to make a video for one of our singles from our upcoming album this June. The sound is not recorded in a studio so it`s live...This is not an official video for this "Go With The Flow" but it`s just a fun thing to work on. Directed by Viktor Savakov...A great guy by the way! :D :D :D

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Hello there!
We are SECONDAY from Bulgaria! Probably nobody knows where the country of Bulgaria is but we can advice you to check it out! 
So the question is....How did this band formed?
The band was formed in the mid 2015 by George Georgiev (Lead Guitars/Lead Vocals) and Jon Boro (Drums). They started playing cover songs of their loving bands like Europe and Deep Purple, Queen, Dokken etc. Soon they made a lineup with a singer and a bass player for a big festival in town called "Beerfest Yambol". This temporary lineup didn`t last long so the duo had to start looking for newcomers to join the band. They took Vesko Milanov on the bass position and Gabi Dimitrova on the Lead Vocals. They had a long relationship accompanied with the recording of their single "Oblivion". They played a couple of festivals through out the year ending up on a crossroad with the question if they should change the lineup for to make it stronger..So the decision was taken. The band became a trio with the Lead Guitars becoming the Lead Vocals and the new era was begun. The band decided to change the style from pure Hard Rock to something a bit modern and heavier.. They wanted to cope with the changing genres of the decade...So they mixed up Old School with modern motives and the results can be heard soon on their latest record that will be coming out in June.

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Jambol Bulgaria 8600


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